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Compact Storage System



Material Dimensions (mm) Max  Weight (Tons) # of Shelves (pcs) Total Capacity  (Tons)
3000x1500 3 44 132

The TruStore 3030 is a fully automated sheet metal storage and retrieval system. It is designed to store and retrieve sheet metal sheets of various sizes and weights. The TruStore 3030 is typically used in conjunction with a laser cutting machine or other sheet metal processing machine.

The TruStore 3030 has a number of features that make it ideal for the high-volume production of sheet metal parts, including:

  • A large storage capacity (up to 300 sheets)
  • A fast loading and unloading time (approx. 80 seconds)
  • A high degree of automation (no manual intervention required)
  • The ability to store and retrieve sheets of various sizes and weights

The TruStore 3030 is a reliable and efficient sheet metal storage and retrieval system that can help businesses to improve their production efficiency and produce high-quality parts.

Compact Storage System
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